The 5 Step Gameplan Our Clients Are Using To Earn 6-7 Figures

"My goal is to help you be successful." 

My Story

In The Beginning 

I grew up in a family that emigrated to the United States when I was three years old.  In my household, there were only three types of people in the world - lawyers, doctors and everyone else - so I followed the traditional path and went to law school.  I ended up getting a JD / MBA at Pepperdine University in Malibu (great place to go to school by the way!), and then I practiced real estate law for three years.  To my family, this may have been the definition of "success", but I felt unfulfilled and could not see myself working at a law firm for the rest of my professional life.

While practicing law, I had the opportunity to help several clients purchase and sell homes and as a result, I discovered my passion for the real estate industry.  I immediately set out on my own and started a real estate brokerage with my wife, Elena.

The Realization

I got off to a pretty good start with my real estate brokerage, helping clients in Southern California buy and sell homes.  I was definitely having more fun than when I was a lawyer!  As I started to grow my team, I quickly discovered that the real estate industry was broken.  The barriers to entry into real estate are low, yet once agents receive their license there is little to no coaching or training. Agents are expected to do everything with no schedule, no structure, no accountability, and NO support!

When I did the research, I realized that the attrition rate in the real estate industry is atrocious - 50% of agents leave the business within the first year and 75% leave before the end of year two.  Worse yet, less than 3.5% of real estate agents earn six figures in annual net income.

Once I saw what was going on, I quickly knew what my mission was going to be - to change the real estate industry!

The Evolution

As I started training and coaching more real estate agents, I discovered that my true passion was to help agents build successful businesses.  Although I found many real estate "coaches" and "trainers," I also saw that there was no proven step-by-step system for agents to follow to become successful, let alone a system that includes world class support as well as mindset and accountability coaching so that agents can focus on what they do best - selling real estate - while their team does everything else.

My goal became clear - provide agents with a complete solution!  With that in mind, my team and I set out on a journey to create a complete system for agents, that includes world-class training, coaching, accountability, technology, marketing, culture, support, and a world-class administrative team.

The Outcome

Even though we're always evolving and adding to what we do, my mission is simple - help YOU, the real estate agent, create a business that is predictable, profitable and fun!  Everything I do - every service I offer, every product I endorse - must further that goal.  I want to help you live your best life through your real estate business.  Whether that is through our coaching or training programs, our real estate team, our real estate brokerage, my podcast, or any of our resources, the goal is very clear and very simple.

I want to thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at what we have to offer.  If you want to find out more about what we do and see if there may be a fit for us to work together in some capacity, book your free business strategy session with our team. The call will allow you to experience coaching at its highest level and I guarantee that it will be the best time you've ever spent working on your business.

To your success!

- Danny 

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